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Jtor AM 11: Subtlety is not your strength

1:00 PM on 12.12.2013 // Karen Mead

Brittany tells Diabolik Lovers the solemn truth

This week, Ben's too busy being someone else's Valvrave therapist to join us (traitor!), so Brittany Vincent jumps into to the fray. Then the two of us have fun discussing everything that's wrong with the conclusion of Diabolik Lovers...and considering, it's kind of a miracle this podcast isn't four hours long. In other news, as per usual, the podcast addresses the most important questions of our era: If Myoue watches over Mirror Kyoto, who watches Myoue? How badly does a knight need a begleiter, and how badly does a pregnant horse need moral support? And is the fake Madoka movie featured in Outbreak Company legitimately more entertaining than the final Madoka film?

All this, and Tim and I also have a surprisingly heated discussion about Golden Time, because we take Koko's dysfunctional relationships just that seriously.


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Show Notes:


1:21 Tim reports on the Madoka Magica The Movie-Rebellion- premiere

10:37 Space Dandy dub cast revealed

12:36 Is Attack on Titan too violent?

16:56 Live Action Attack on Titan film for 2015...really?

19:20 Look what scientists at Tokyo University are getting up to

21:38 Look what Shinra the Shimizu Corporation is getting up to

23:22 Right Stuf rickrolls us for some reason; Sailor Moon Blu-Ray where?

27:16 FFVIII on Steam! Rejoice!

Anime Talk:

33:57 Samurai Flamenco 09

38:30 Kill La Kill 10

42:10 Golden Time 10

49:40 Walkure Romanze 10

53:52 Kyousougiga 08

58:12 Outbreak Company 10

01:02:44 Diabolik Lovers 12

01:10:46 Karen's Round-Up-O'-Junk featuring Valvrave: Logic Cancer and Gingitsune: Drama is for Stupidheads

Toku Talk:

01:15:08 Kamen Rider Gaim 08

Additional Notes:

-I looked into it and apparently the music in the Steam version of Final Fantasy VIII is the MIDI format soundtrack from the original PC release; fans are less pleased about this than Tim is, and are hoping for a patch. I doubt it, but hope springs eternal....

-The blog post that goes into detail about the original Diabolik Lovers otome game is here. WARNING: Spoilers, vampires being vampires. Thanks to Lifesong for passing along the link.


Karen Mead, Contributor
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