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Jtor AM 13: Back and Dandy

10:00 PM on 01.10.2014 // Karen Mead

History in a meat grinder; The Oda Nobunaga Awards are coming

After a refreshing holiday break, the Jtor AM podcast is back for a new cour-- and you can tell it's all-new, since Tim and Ben are arguing about the animation quality in Space Dandy instead of Kill La Kill. This week's slate of important topics includes the looming specter of a new season of Sword Art Online, the definition of God in Kyousogiga (and how neither Sal nor Karen are either individually smart enough to understand that show, nor can they understand it together), and the baffling mystery of how Nobunaga the Fool can be so ridiculous yet so ungodly boring at the same time. We also indulge in our weekly "Just how *&#$-in' crazy is that Kaga Koko?" debate, but come on-- you knew that already.

Since this will be Sal's last episode with us (at least for a while), we considered just berating him about leaving for the full hour or so, but after about five minutes of screaming, rending our garments and begging him to stay through our tears, we all just felt really tired and sad and talked about Japanese cartoons all night instead. We'll miss you, Sal

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Show Notes:


1:08-- Sword Art Online II announced

4:35-- Cool Japan to spend $15 million on television...something

7:34-- Bravely Default censorship: It's the principle of the thing

16:39-- Licensing News: Sentai licenses Engaged to the Unidentified

Anime Talk:

18:59-- Samurai Flamenco 11

22:44-- Kill La Kill 12

28:17-- Golden Time 12

35:10-- Walkure Romanze 12 (END)

39:19-- Kyousogiga 10, 10.5 (END)

43:29-- Outbreak Company 12 (END)

49:29-- Space Dandy 01

01:00:44-- Nobunaga the Fool 01

01:04:44-- SURPRISE Valvrave the Liberator ending spoilers!

01:05:50-- Nobunagun 01

01:09:47-- Imochopocalypse 01

01:12:23-- Mushishi Special

Toku Talk

01:13:46-- Kamen Rider Gaim 11

A note on episode timing: I know the last few episodes have gone up at kind of random times. We changed our weekly recording time about a month back, and it ended up confusing things a bit on my end. In any case, going forward I plan to post the podcast on Wednesday nights; sorry for the inconsistency for a little while there.

Karen Mead, Contributor
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