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Jtor AM 15: Magic court is scary

3:00 PM on 01.23.2014 // Karen Mead

Tim and L.B. bond over mutual Kill La Kill hate

Tim took over hosting duties while I was away, but don't listen to the shameless lie he feeds you at the beginning of this episode: I was NOT snowboarding. I was skiing, which is completely different! Skiers are graceful athletes who deftly traverse a sparkling winter wonderland with style and aplomb; snowboarders are slackers who are always sitting on their butts in packs at the top of the trail, blocking everyone else from getting down the mountain. Please don't confuse these two things.

In my absence new Japanator editor L.B. makes his podcast debut, and the crew discusses the usual slate of anime (plus some new stuff) while Tim tries to constrain his massive mountain of hate for everything that has ever existed since the beginning of time. Fortunately, the otherwise-friendly L.B. seems to hate (or at least dislike) a few of the same things that Tim does, so it looks like his prospects around here are pretty solid. Also on the plus side: Ryuko Matoi's new outfit, which has been known to cover her entire butt.


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Show Notes:

0:00:53-- Introducing L.B., our newest cast member


0:08:39-- Who's psyched for Unsung Story?

00:12:04-- Yuasa Ping Pong anime coming to Noitamina

00:14:13-- New Black Butler season is upon us

00:17:15-- Licensing News: NISA grabs Nyaruko-san

Anime Talk:

0:19:29-- Samurai Flamenco 13

0:22:38-- Kill La Kill 14

0:34:07-- Golden Time 14

0:44:54-- Space Dandy 03

0:54:01-- Nobunagun 03

1:00:33-- Pupa 02

1:04:44-- Sakura Trick 02

1:09:41-- Wizard Barristers 02

Tim Makes Up His Own Segment Where People Talk About Stuff

1:18:12-- Stuff

Note: You can tell I wasn't around for this episode, since the conversation about Unsung Story took four minutes instead of four hours. Also, our coverage of Imocho (otherwise known as My Little Sister Pee Pee Dance) should be returning next week, so err...look forward to it?

Karen Mead, Contributor
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