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Jtor AM 16: A major scoop on the Major

11:00 PM on 01.29.2014 // Karen Mead

Friends don't let friends drive with Koko

I was still nursing a cold and sore throat while this was recorded, while Brittany was apparently off sacrificing small children to the horror gods (it needs to be done before next Walpurgisnacht, don't ask), so Tim, Ben and L.B. handled this episode by their manly selves. The Y-chromosome crew discusses the upcoming Hollywood adaptation of Ghost in the Shell that probably isn't happening unless the actress playing the Major is prepared to take one for the team, the fact that FREE! and Fate Stay/Night are both coming back for new seasons (although not together, which would be amazing), and FFXIII: Lightning Returns apparently has the kind of gameplay where your hands actually do something from time to time. Meanwhile, Ben is relieved that he doesn't have to hear about Imocho even one little bit this week, but the very idea of Koko from Golden Time getting behind the wheel of a vehicle scares the hell out of everyone.


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Show Notes:


00:02:27-- Ghost in the Shell Hollywood movie news

00:06:56-- New Fate/Stay Night anime, featuring "Archer" and "Saber"

00:10:40-- FREE! returns! Fangirls and Fanboys rejoice!

00:13:11-- Subaru meets Attack on Titan

00:17:29-- Gaming tidbits: Playstation NOW streaming rumours, is Senran Kagura singlehandedly ruining video games? (short answer: NO), and the gameplay of Lightning Returns.

Anime Talk:

00:25:43-- Samurai Flamenco 14

00:26:30-- Kill La Kill 15

00:33:27-- Golden Time 15

00:41:33-- Space Dandy 4

00:48:36-- Nobunagun 4

00:52:07-- Wizard Barristers 3

01:01:14-- Pupa 3

01:04:23-- Sakura Trick 3

01:07:55-- L.B. touches on Nisekoi; real Nisekoi discussion starts next week.

Karen Mead, Contributor
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