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Jtor AM 17: The Great Super Sonico Debate

10:00 PM on 02.05.2014 // Karen Mead

Is Soni-Ani surprisingly good, or drivel? THE ANSWER MAY SURPRISE YOU

Having missed the last two episodes of the podcast, I have plenty to say this time around, and Tim does his part by always disagreeing with me on general principle. However, I'm going to call out his reluctance to refer to that one male cop on Wizard Barristers as "Stabler," as a lack of team spirit. Tim! How will we bond, if not over making up fake names for characters when the show can't be bothered to tell us the real name?

Obviously the hot issue of the week is whether or not Super Sonico is actually worth watching, but as per usual, we have plenty more questions to answer: Is Hayao Miyazaki just a grump, or do animators need to get outside more? How did Sentai Filmworks stay awake long enough to license both Magical Warfare and Nobunaga the Fool, both of which could put a hypochondriac revved up on three cases of Monster Energy Drink to sleep with their boring-ass pacing? Why is Space Dandy so much funnier when you're talking about it than when you're actually watching it? And why does no one own a cell phone in Nisekoi? All that, and more, on this jam-packed episode of Jtor AM!

What do you think? I'm trying to sell this thing a little harder; Momma needs new boots.


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Show Notes


00:01:28-- Hayao Miyazaki is grumpy, but also probably right about modern anime

00:08:25-- Goro Miyazaki is less grumpy, plans to direct Ronia, The Robber's Daughter

00:12:02-- Sentai Filmworks licenses half the season and we do lots of emoting over it

Anime Talk:

00:15:10-- Samurai Flamenco 15 (a little bit; without Ben, we couldn't really discuss it)

00:16:28-- Kill La Kill 16

00:22:01-- Golden Time 16

00:31:27-- Space Dandy 5

00:36:10-- Nisekoi 4

00:40:18-- Wizard Barristers 4

00:45:19-- Sakura Trick 4

00:48:53-- Recently My Sister Is Unusual 5

00:53:43-- Super Sonico 5


00:59:50-- Tim and Karen go off on how awesome Vagrant Story and the original Final Fantasy Tactics are, and FFXIII somehow gets brought up. Also, Fate/Zero features lots of serious-faced dudes talking to each other. Their faces, they are so serious.

Karen Mead, Contributor
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