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Jtor AM 19: So cool I'm gonna put my dog in a video game

2:00 PM on 02.20.2014 // Karen Mead

Now that is pretty cool

Are you tired of short, wimpy podcasts that run out of juice before you're even halfway done with your morning commute? Well then, you should love this economy-sized episode of Jtor AM, filled to the brim with spirited discussion of all the hot anime and gaming topics of the week, plus whatever the hell Pupa is.

Of course, this week also features plenty of the fascinating, thought-provoking questions that you've come to expect from this fine podcast, like: Is giving your dog a role in a video game an act of guileless charm or shameful hubris? Should professional voice actors be allowed to use Twitter ever again? Does Sakura Trick's Haruka know where babies come from? Does Sarah Palin Bayonetta lose her power when she cuts her hair? And if Tim used the words "Great" and "Kill La Kill" in the same sentence, does that mean we have officially entered an alternate universe? And, if so, is it a universe that contains unicorns? And, if so, can I please have a baby unicorn? I promise I will feed it candy and everything.


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Show Notes:


00:02:13-- Viz' Neon Alley drops subscriptions service, goes free on demand

00:05:51-- The return of Shu Takumi to Ace Attorney

00:09:11-- New DBZ Kai episodes may or may not have been dubbed already

00:12:58-- Attack on Titan dub to premiere at Anime Boston

00:16:25--  NIS announces a slew of games

00:22:38-- When will Bayonetta 2 come out?

00:25:23-- Licensing News: Fuse: Memoirs of a Huntress and a show apparently no one cares about

Anime Talk:

00:27:05-- Samurai Flamenco 17

00:30:22-- Kill La Kill 18

00:36:46-- Golden Time 18

00:41:10-- Space Dandy 7

00:46:10-- Wizard Barristers 6

00:55:36-- Nisekoi 6

01:01:00-- Super Sonico 7

01:04:00-- Pupa 6

01:05:35-- Sakura Trick 6

01:08:30-- Imocho 7

01:09:12-- Karen's Round Up O' Junk: THE RETURN! Witch Craft Works, Silver Spoon, Nobunagun, Engaged to the Unidentified


01:12:16-- Lightning has do fetch quests

01:16:26-- Boys just gotta talk Titanfall

01:20:38-- Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes comparison video

01:25:51-- How Persona 4: The Golden made Karen very sad

Karen Mead, Contributor
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Hi, I'm a former newspaper journalist who got tired of having a front row seat to the death of print. There probably could be some interesting story there about a disenchanted reporter moving on ... more   |   staff directory

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