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Jtor AM 20: One Piece, Prattle and Balderdash

12:00 PM on 02.27.2014 // Karen Mead

A Japanese show for Japanese people?

Thanks to this week's Wizard Barristers, Tim and I have learned that Boston is actually in California; I bet all those people who signed up for PAX East are in for a rude awakening in the spring. However, due to the show's blatant disregard for geography, Tim is now done defending it and we get to bond over our mutual outrage over the writers' lack of effort and research. That said, I'm still kinda mad at Tim for saying mean things about Super Sonico and Kill La Kill's Senketsu, so we still have stupid fights that go nowhere-- just in case you're a fan of that sort of thing.

Other pressing questions of the week: Is Square Enix giving up on video games and becoming the new Exxon-Mobile? Should Mrs. Mankanshoku be ashamed of herself for oogling Aikuro's impressive lower regions for an entire episode? If it looks like Naoto Shirogane, sounds like Naoto Shirogane, and has a gun like Naoto Shirogane, is Nisekoi less annoying? And why, for the love of God, can no one in anime swim? They all have those official schools swimsuits and everything, don't try to tell me they've never had swimming lessons. It's downright scandalous.


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Show Notes:


0:01:14-- Square Enix trademarks Shinra Company; are they harvesting Mako energy?

0:03:31-- Fans polled on which anime director will lead the future

0:06:33-- Famitsu reports on Japan's most-wanted games

0:11:48-- Atlus to run Persona Stalker Club talk show

0:13:25-- Licensing News: Sentai picks up Maoyu, Funimation picks up Red Data Girl, Date a Live and Code:Breaker, while in manga news, Kodansha licenses Noragami, Manga Dogs and announces Attack on Titan Omnibus editions.

Anime Talk:

0:18:52-- Kill La Kill 19

0:22:48-- Golden Time 19

0:28:12-- Wizard Barristers 7

0:33:16-- Nisekoi 7

0:38:07-- Super Sonico 8

0:41:27-- Pupa 7

0:43:26-- Sakura Trick 7

0:47:43-- Imocho 8


0:49:29-- The Wind Rises, Donkey Kong, Dynasty Warriors, Tomb Raider, One Piece manga, Vinland Saga

Note: Both Samurai Flamenco and Space Dandy should make a triumphant return to the podcast on episode 21; they have not been dropped.

Karen Mead, Contributor
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