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Jtor AM 21: Do you like colors?

8:00 PM on 03.07.2014 // Karen Mead

Embracing the sense that Samurai Flamenco now makes

Question: Am I bad luck? Because as Tim and I realized this week, whenever I ask for something to happen in an anime, it never ever happens, even if it would be self-evidently awesome and the writers are nuts for not going with it. Why can't I have nice things?

Listeners: do me a favor and do something to help me test this theory. Listen to this episode of the podcast while eating an ice cream cone. If any of the ice cream ends up in your lap when my voice comes on, then we'll have some objective proof that I am jinxed for life and should never talk about Japanese cartoons and...what? You want me to specify what flavor ice cream you should be eating? For gosh sakes kids, have some agency! Or pick Cookies and Cream, whatever!


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Show Notes:


0:01:23- Sailor Moon remake staff announced

0:03:17- Upcoming Godzilla trailer looks promising

0:08:22- Four Persona titles announced for NA

0:11:41- Anime Planet teams up with Crunchyroll

0:13:07- Licensing News: Short Peace

Anime Talk:

0:14:24- Samurai Flamenco 18

0:18:18- Kill La Kill 20

0:24:25- Golden Time 20

0:30:03- Space Dandy 9

0:34:01- Wizard Barristers 8

0:42:37- Nisekoi 8

0:46:25- Super Sonico 9

0:48:56- Pupa 8

0:52:48- Sakura Trick 8

0:56:05- Imocho 9


0:56:36- South Park: The Stick of Truth, True Detective, Almost Human, Psycho Pass, and also we plug our stuff for the first time ever.

Karen Mead, Contributor
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