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Jtor AM 25: A date with a coffee maker

2:00 PM on 04.03.2014 // Karen Mead

Appliance romance is in the air

This week, I learned that Love Live, Data A Live, and Love Lab are actually three completely different shows, making this quite possibly the most educational episode of the podcast that we've ever recorded. However, this episode isn't mere edutainment; we also bid (mostly) fond, emotional farewells to Kill La Kill, Samurai Flamenco, Golden Time and Sakura Trick. We may or may not have bid farewell to Nisekoi; it's kind of up in the air and may depend on how charitable L.B. is feeling once his "OMG I never have to watch Pupa again!" euphoria fades. I mean, he's feeling generous now, but wait until he's a couple of episodes into blogging The Irregular at Magic High School....

More importantly, we all agree that Short-haired Satsuki is Best Satsuki, making her Double Best Girl; the whole magic bridge thing in Golden Time probably didn't work out quite as planned; and Space Dandy is way better when Dandy himself can't be bothered to show up.


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Show Notes:

Spring Season Chat:

0:01:06 -- Everybody's psyched for Ping Pong, Knights of Sidonia, and maybe Keroro

Anime Talk:

0:18:40 -- Samurai Flamenco 22 (END)

0:24:34 -- Kill La Kill 24 (END)

0:33:43 -- Golden Time 24 (END)

0:40:32 -- Space Dandy 13 (NOT THE END!)

0:44:27 -- Wizard Barristers 12 (END)

0:46:44 -- Nisekoi 12 (SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE END)

0:51:45 -- Pupa 12 (HANAMARU END)

0:53:44 -- Sakura Trick 12 (YURI END)


0:57:06 -- Steins;Gate, Goat Simulator and other exciting animal sims, C: The Possibility of Money Control or Whatever That Show Was Called, more FFX: HD chatter, and buy a freakin' rug designed by Ben Huber

Karen Mead, Contributor
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