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Jtor AM 28: Ping Pong, Adventure Time, and undercover Canadians

1:00 PM on 04.24.2014 // Karen Mead

There sure is a lot of coffee in Seattle

This week, Tim and L.B. reveal the dark, seedy underbelly of Sakura Con -- or they would have, if they were invited to any of the cool parties, but they were too busy waiting on lines for that. Meanwhile, Ben and I share our growing love for the directorial stylings of one Maasaki Yuasa while L.B. and Tim stubbornly resist the allure of The Cult of Ping Pong....while they can.

In perhaps the most important development since the beginning of the podcast, we also reveal everyone's superpowers: I have the ability to turn even the smallest amount of alcohol into demon death juice, Ben can get involved in Free-to-Play stuff without being suckered into buying virtual game crap, L.B. is a psychic doppelganger who can read minds, and Tim can spot a Canadian in disguise at 40 paces. Tim also has the power to watch any anime his wife tells him to watch (even if that anime is Nisekoi), but maybe that should count as his wife's superpower instead? I'm rusty at my superhero canon; it's a good thing I'm not a comics blogger.


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Show Notes:


0:01:04 -- SakuraCon debriefing

0:15:46 -- A very special episode of Adventure Time

0:18:57 -- Next Ace Attorney game to take place in the Meiji era because...Takumi.

0:22:09 -- SAO II announced for worldwide simulcast, sky also blue

0:24:26 -- Is Hollywood ripping off anime...more than it rips off anything else?

Anime Talk:

0:32:16 -- Knights of Sidonia 1&2

0:41:00 -- One Week Friends 3

0:45:52 -- The Irregular at Magic High School 3

0:51:41 -- Selector Infected WIXOSS 3

0:55:02 -- Riddle Story of the Devil 3

0:57:21 -- Ping Pong 2

1:01:45 -- Still the World is Beautiful 3

1:04:08 -- Kamigami no Asobi 3

1:06:22 -- The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior 3

1:08:02 -- Mushishi S2 3

1:11:29 -- If Her Flag Breaks 2

1:13:02 -- Nisekoi 15


1:16:29 -- Hearthstone, Karen is jealous of the fact that L.B. can drink alcohol, Game of Thrones forgot something.

Karen Mead, Contributor
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Hi, I'm a former newspaper journalist who got tired of having a front row seat to the death of print. There probably could be some interesting story there about a disenchanted reporter moving on ... more   |   staff directory

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