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Jtor AM 9: Supernatural Monkey Flying People

10:30 PM on 11.27.2013 // Karen Mead

Emotional fallout from the whole sudden magic gorilla development

In return for Ben kindly volunteering to be my official Valvrave: The Liberator therapist, this week I decide to pay him back by becoming his official Samurai Flamenco therapist. Unfortunately for Ben, he's a much better therapist than I am, so while I'm basically okay with my friendly neighborhood space vampires and their exploits, Ben is still terribly distraught over the whole Guillotine Gorilla situation. Can you blame him?

In other news, Kyousougiga decides to make a surprising amount of sense, Golden Time's Linda is full of it as far as Tim's concerned, and Lafayette from True Blood becomes a giant Durian-themed Roman gladiator because Kamen Rider Gaim is quickly becoming the world's best television program.


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Show Notes:


1:32 It's Per5ona Christmas: Persona 4: Dancing all Night, P5, and even a dungeon crawler!

11:51 Follow up-- that Mushi-shi tease became an anime announcement for real

13:18 Luffy makes the New York Times; newspapers still exist

16:40 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure set to return in 2014

19:02 Aksys lends a helping hand to Typhoon victims

21:41 Licensing News: Funimation licenses Eureka Seven

Anime Talk

22:54 Samurai Flamenco 07; a Samumenco that shall forever live in infamy

30:05 Kill La Kill 08

35:39 Golden Time 08

38:37 Walkure Romanze 08

42:22 Kyousougiga 06

45:55 Outbreak Company 08

50:45 Karen's (very short) Round Up O' Junk

Toku Talk

52:19 Kamen Rider Gaim 06

55:03 Surprise and out of place Attack on Titan discussion that I should have edited into the previous segment, but whatever it's late and tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I want to go to bed wah, so there

Note: We had some audio issues on Tim's end due to hardware problems. It's mainly in the last third of the podcast and I did my best to edit out any additional noise, but there is a noticeable quality issue. I believe you can still hear what Tim (and everyone else) is saying, but the issue is noticeable enough that I thought I should tell you what was going on. Next week should be back to least, for audio quality. Not for Samurai Flamenco. Samurai Flamenco can never go back to normal.

Also, the upcoming live action drama I was getting excited for is called Shitsuren Chocolatier, watch for it!

Karen Mead, Contributor
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