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Jtor AM Episode 2: Two Frames Per Second

11:00 AM on 10.10.2013 // Karen Mead

And sometimes animation

It's not even a week after our first episode, and here's another installment of Jtor AM! I would say that this is a reward for being good boys and girls, but I'll bet that some of you have been watching bad dating sim adaptations, so maybe not. I guess we just throw podcasts at you regardless of your conduct? Sounds like a plan.

This week, Tim is appalled by the animation (or lack thereof) in Kill La Kill and in denial about Walkure Romanze being a harem show, Ben has had it UP TO HERE with your lolis and your imoutos and your siscon and all of your other crap, and Sal is left wondering about his place at our lunch table, where you will never find melon soda. And me? I continue to shame myself as a child of the '80s who somehow never encountered like half of the things people remember from the '80s. I'm so embarrassed right now.

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Show Notes:


1:55 Japan is developing AR glasses

7:00 Sega closes down non-Japanese Yakuza sites

12:36 Read Viz manga on your Kindle

Anime Talk:

18:44 Kill La Kill and all five drawings therein

26:03 Beyond the Boundary (with a segue into Dragon Half)

33:41 Walkure Romanze (with inter-anime panty comparisons)

40:20 Yozakura Quartet

43:40 Random discussion about stuff that's not airing this season because no one stopped us

46:33 Hajime no Ippo: Rising

52:24 Karen's list of shows she is watching even though they are God-awful

And that's it for today. Let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions for the show, and if you could chime in on whether or not melon soda is any good, that would also be helpful; I haven't been to H-Mart yet.


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