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Jtor AM Episode 3: A little restraint would be nice

8:00 AM on 10.16.2013 // Karen Mead

Is it really so much to ask?

We start off this episode without Ben (since he was apparently too busy conducting a ritual burning of all of his Bakemonogatari merchandise to participate), but he joins us by the time we get to Samurai Flamenco, which is all that really matters. This week we tackle the important questions of our time: is dubbing making a triumphant return to relevance? Did Kill La Kill cross a line? Why does anime have to be so anime all the time? Couldn't it maybe be a little less anime, just sometimes? And is anyone, anywhere, as enthusiastic about anything as Sal is about Kamen Rider Gaim?

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Show Notes


1:48--   NYCC: Stuff got licensed

7:39--   Tokyo International Anime Fair and Anime Contents Expo to merge

10:40-- Gargantia second season announced

13:38-- Neon Alley talk

21:24-- "The Butcher" takes on Kamen Rider Gaim, a.k.a. Sal goes ballistic

Anime Talk:

26:46-- Samurai Flamenco 1

33:56-- Galilei Donna 1

35:52-- Kill La Kill 2

42:40-- Walkure Romanze 2

47:52-- Beyond the Boundary 2, leading into general anime chatter

Podcast music is a cover of Yakusoku Wa Iranai (The Vision of Escaflowne) from Platina Jazz: Anime Standards Vol. 2. Feel free to share your thoughts, feelings, criticisms (of Tim) and ribald tales of your greatest experience at Medieval Times.

Karen Mead, Contributor
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