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Jtor AM Episode 5: Get your anime beer at the Simulpub

4:00 PM on 10.30.2013 // Karen Mead

Simulpub, Simuldub

This week, Tim is too hung over to even care about dubbed Space Dandy, which makes him pretty darn hung over. In fact, in this listless state, he's like the natural enemy of Sal "OMG I'm so psyched I'm so psyched!" G-Rodiles, but unfortunately, the two of them do not have an epic tokusatsu-style battle on the podcast. Of course, if they did, Sal would try to fight with a sword made out of juicy orange slices while Tim just threw half-empty vodka bottles, so it would be less of a battle and more of a mixed drink. Meanwhile, I continue to watch Valvrave because I was a bad person in a past life and must repent, and Ben has to hear about me watching Valvrave because sometimes life just isn't fair.

So, in other words, a typical week at our virtual Jtor office. Also, mechs.



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Show Notes:


1:03 Space Dandy Simuldub!

3:21 Crunchryoll rolls out manga service

5:56 Mushishi: 2nd Gig might happen

8:16 Keanu Reeves says no Cowboy Bebop movie in sight

10:42 Persona 3 movie: are we excited?

Anime Talk:

12:57 Kill La Kill 04

16:41 Samurai Flamenco 03

22:09 Walkure Romanze 03

27:13 Kyousogiga


34:30 Karen's Round-Up O' Junk: Galilei Donna, Valvrave: The Liberator, Nagi no Asukara, Outbreak Company.

44:01 Tim interrupts this segment of Anime Talk to chat about some of the new stuff at Jtor, which kind of breaks our format but he's EIC so he can do that.

And that's all for this week. I realized after we recorded this episode that I keep forgetting to touch on Beyond the Boundary in my weekly Round-Up O' Junk, but considering that I'm writing up every episode of that show for Annotated Anime, there's probably no real need to. As usual, feel free to leave comments on what you liked and disliked, and if you'd like to support the show, leave us a comment or rating on iTunes.

Oh, and before I go, this is me:



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