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Jumping to HD with Project Versus J

11:00 AM on 12.05.2012 // Chris Walden

My pun is bad and I feel bad.

With plenty of Shonen Jump characters earning their own HD games this generation, it seemed a little saddening that the 'Stars' series found on the Nintendo DS never found its way onto home consoles. Not that the awesome pixel art in the existing games didn't do the job, but you've got to have been curious to see Jump staples that can't get their own games in glorious HD, right? Well, it seems like it's finally going to happen!

Weekly Shonen Jump has announced that they will launch 'Project Versus J' next year, which they are dubbing the 'ultimate Jump game', at least until the sequel. While they haven't listed what platforms the game will be arriving on, we do have a small image of Monkey D. Luffy, Son Goku and Toriko rendered as cell shaded models. You can see a bigger and better version below in the gallery. 

Hopefully this will make its way onto either the PS3 or Vita, because I need this game. Curse you Nintendo and your region locking! That aside, with perhaps a year or more between now and the game releasing, I think it's time to think about the roster! It seems natural that they won't be able to pack as many characters into this as the handheld games, and characters like Naruto and Ichigo are obviously going to be there, so what do you think? Give us something obscure but feasible in the comments! I'd like to see the inclusion of Crow from Bakuman, myself. 

[via @Kazu4281]

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