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Kentaro Miura's sci-fi romance manga Gigantomaxia begins

3:00 PM on 11.22.2013 // Ben Huber

Berserk creator takes a quick 6-chapter detour.

Has anyone been wondering what Berserk creator Kentaro Miura is up to? Don't worry, he's resuming the Berserk manga soon, but he's going to take a little detour first. His most recent project is a 6-chapter manga that just began running in Young Animal magazine, called Gigantomaxia. It's a sci-fi romance titled set 100 million years in the future, which in my mind may as well just be a fantasy world.

Still, it's Miura's first new series in 20 years, so it's pretty cool to see him doing something new. And, as I'm sure most fans are hoping, it's only 6 chapters, so it shouldn't be long before he goes back to Berserk, right? Laughs nervously.

Anyone excited for Gigantomaxia?

[via CR]

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