KFC gets weirder when Kyary Pamyu Pamyu advertises for it

12:00 PM on 05.18.2012 // Bob Muir

Okay, so nothing Kyary Pamyu Pamyu does is quite as weird as her video for "PONPONPON," but she's still pretty far out there. Of course, no matter how odd you are, if you're an idol, you pretty much have to appear in ads. This is why Kyary is promoting KFC's new drink, "Krushers."

In the ad, Kyary fantasizes about the drink, saying to Colonel Sanders "Krushers...I want to drink it, ojisan!" She's so cute that the mascot even blushes.

I know all that fruit flying behind her is supposed to make the drink look really sweet and tasty, and it works, but when Kyary's hair looks like bubblegum, it kind of looks tastier than all that fruit. Way to put Krushers in an unfair comparison, KFC!

[Via TokyoHive]

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