Konami tells retailers to stop selling New Love Plus

1:00 PM on 03.15.2012
Konami tells retailers to stop selling New Love Plus photo

Japanese dating sim fans were excited to buy their copies of New Love Plus for 3DS when it was released last month on Valentine's Day. What they weren't excited about were all the bugs in the game. Some bugs are specific, like not being able to give your girlfriend sweets on White Day if you received chocolates on Valentine's Day. However, some bugs are more serious, causing critical freezes that require restarting the game.

It's gotten so bad that Konami has actually started telling retailers not to sell New Love Plus. Major retailer Sofmap has tweeted that they will not only won't be selling the game, but also not selling used copies or handling buyback, per Konami's instructions. The 3DS can handle downloadable content but is not known to have a system for handling game patches as of yet, so a product recall and replacement is likely imminent.

A quick glance at Konami's FAQ page reveals lots of problems, so it's good that Konami is at least attempting to deal with the problem. Still, remember the days when games were released free of critical bugs because there was no way to update them? The modern era of gaming systems with internet connections has made developers more lenient, and when they apply that work ethic to a patch-free system like the 3DS, you've got a problem.

[Via Andriasang]

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