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Kyoryu Change: Kyoryuger transforms into better images

5:00 PM on 12.10.2012

Salvador GRodiles

Senior Editor

Dino Samba!

Yes! My theory about the early images of the Kyoryugers were right on the mark. After seeing a better image of them, they don't look as bad as I thought they did. While I am a bit sad that they are going back to spandex suits, I do like the scale-like texture that they applied to the Kyoryuger's sleeves, which reminds me of the Hurricangers. And overall, the costumes are looking better than ever now. But it still doesn't help that I am going to miss the leather suits that were introduced in Go-Busters

With that said and done, the Kyoryujin is going to have a T-Rex shoulder! In other words, he might have an attack where he bites people with a shoulder rush. It turns out that the Kyoryujin will have the title of Western when Black and Green's robots replace Pink and Blue in the combination. Apparently, there's an extra dinosaur robot known as Ankydon, who makes Kyoryujin into a Macho when he replaces Blue's robot in the formation. Come to think of it, this will be one of the first shows where a team of five sticks to three-way combinations. 

We also get a peek at the Gab Revolver toy, which can change into a sword, a machine gun, and a shotgun. But the best part is that the changer gun will play Samba music during the team's transformation sequence -- I'm sold! Ironically enough, they are taking note on how the Akibarangers change, since they also use a gun to transform. Then there's the fact that Nobuo, Mitsuki, and Yumeria were hoping to become the 37th Sentai team -- better luck next year. 

Electrified Samba Dinosaurs? Yup. this sounds like something that only can be done by Koichi Sakamoto, and I am really looking forward to having a blast with Kyoryuger in February. There's also a chance that we might get some dancing thrown into the show. 

You can throw yourself into the rhythm of the music, and check out the images of the team and toys in the gallery below. 

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Salvador GRodiles
Senior Editor follow

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