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Ladybeard and bodybuilder wrestling idol Reika Saiki form idol unit Deadlift Lolita

4:00 PM on 03.01.2017 // Red Veron

Kawaii x Muscles x Energy!

Ladybeard, former member of the idol unit Ladybaby and crossdessing professional wrestler whose real name is Richard Magarey, has now teamed up with the bodybuilder idol Reika Saiki to form the new idol unit "DEADLIFT LOLITA". Reika Saiki is a fitness trainer and pro wrestler, is known as the "Muscle Idol". The 24 year old is Reika is part of a mascot model group "Cheer♡1" for the WRESTLE-1 pro wrestling league and a member of Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling.

Ladybeard, who recently appeared in a crazy sauce commercial for KFC, and Reika Saiki are claim to be the "Physically strongest idol unit ever..." (for which I have no objections) and will debut their first single "SIX PACK TWINS" and its music video on March 31.

DEADLIFT LOLITA will have debut 4 new songs and perform live on April 5th. Their songs are written by bishoujo game music composer Shade with performance from 8-string guitar playing guitarist ISAO, who has performed with BABYMETAL.

Check out more of their pics below and details over at their official site and Facebook page!

Check out more details over at their official DEADLIFT LOLITA Facebook page!

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