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Accel World

Language Burst: Accel World Japanese BD has English subs

1:00 PM on 08.02.2012 // Josh Tolentino

MMO-fighting game anime Accel World uses a large amount of English in its terminology. "Brain Burst", "Burst Link", English Duel Avatar handles, and all manner of foreign-tongue wordiness permeates the system of this oh-so-very Japanese take on virtual fighting.

And yet, it still comes somewhat as a surprise to know that Accel World's Japanese Blu-ray release will include full English subtitles, according to various retailer listings. Theories suggest that Sunrise and co. may be using subtitle scripts from Viz Media, who currently broadcast Accel World in North America via Hulu. There's no announcement yet from Viz of a domestic disc release.

That's great news for importers and English-native otaku in Japan, but somehow I doubt this revelation would cause a run on import outlets. They are still selling the discs at Japan's ridiculous markup (or sans the west's ridiculous markdown, depending on your perspective), after all. Plus, for as much as I enjoy the Accel World, it's not quite at the "must-have" level of prestige that would attract the types of folks that would pay top-dollar for, say, the English-augmented limited release of Garden of Sinners.

But still, any news about making anime an easier import is good news, right? I myself was once pleasantly surprised after I bought a Korean DVD of My Neighbor Totoro solely for its box art, only to find English subs on the disc to help me comprehend the masterpiece.

Josh Tolentino, Managing Editor
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