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Monster Hunter 4

Laugh it up with some Monster Hunter 4 gameplay videos

7:00 PM on 12.26.2012 // Salvador GRodiles

Or skip straight to the monster hunting action.

Due to not being fluent in the art of the Japanese language, I was not able to pick up the jokes present in Monster Hunter 4's new videos. If you know Japanese, then you will get to understand the humor of comedian Satoshi Inoue, as he tries out MonHun 4 for the 3DS.

Oh man, I'm really falling in love with that bug stick weapon, which does a good job in using the nectar shots to determine your bug's target. With a quick melee attack that's like a mix of the sword and shield, dual swords, and long sword's attack speed, it's going to be one fun weapon to mess with. 

The monster riding feature is looking to be a great thing to exploit, since it gives us another option in knocking down those deadly predators. It may not be as long as the normal knock down, but I could see it being useful in multiplayer. 

Hunters that own a Japanese 3DS will get to explore MonHun 4's unknown lands during the summer of 2013, so let's hope that Capcom decides to localize the title in the future. However, that will all depend on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate's sales in the west.

You can check out more videos of MonHun 4 in the section after the jump.

[via Crunchyroll

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