Laura Bailey is the voice of Catherine

5:00 PM on 03.10.2011

With a "C". No word yet on who's voicing Katherine-with-a-K.

You may know her from her other roles as Fullmetal Alchemist's Lust, Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love's Gemini, Fruits Basket's Tohru, K-ON!'s Nodoka, Final Fantasy XIII's Serah, or Persona 4's Rise.

Given her performance as Rise I think Ms. Bailey would be a great fit for the young-and-bubbly Catherine. I was certainly surprised enough by Miyuki Sawashiro's range (she plays Catherine in Japanese), given that I normally hear her in deeper, more mature-voiced roles (Durarara!!'s Celty among others), so Laura would serve as a great English counterpart.

Now, who are you betting on to play Katherine-with-a-K? It'd have to be someone who'd sound like just the kind of lady capable of cowing poor Vincent (played by Troy Baker/Koichi Yamadera). In fact, had I not known that Sawashiro was already voicing Catherine, I'd have nominated her for the role, but Japanese Katherine has Kotono Mitsuishi behind her.

Hmmm. If we're talking about Team Persona regulars, I'd like to put up Tracey Rooney, not necessarily because she's a regular, but because I loved her performance as Chie (almost outshone Yui Horie in my estimation). Susan Dalian (Naoto) might be a good match, too.

My outlier choice would be the inimitable Jennifer Hale (aka Miss Commander Shepard). I'd really like to hear her perform in an "anime"-type role for once.

[Thanks, shiro_shishi!]

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