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Layton Brothers: Mysterious Room hits iOS Sep. 21

12:00 AM on 09.14.2012 // Elliot Gay

Well that came out of nowhere!

Some of you folks might remember the iOS Professor Layton spinoff, Layton Brothers, that was announced quite a while back. A mix of Ace Attorney's investigation sequences and Professor Layton puzzles, this iOS game stars Alphendi Layton, the son of the ever-lovable Professor. Together rookie investigator Lucy Creila, prepare to solve a variety of different mysteries. 

Turns out the game is hitting iOS much sooner than I had thought; you'll be able to download the game off of the Japanese App store on the 21st of this month. Huzzah! While the normal price is 1,200 Yen, the game will be 800 Yen for a limited time to commemorate its release. That includes five chapters in total, with more planned in the future.

I'm a pretty big Layton so I'm psyched to grab this one. If it's any good, keep your eyes out for a possible hands-on.

[via 4gamer]

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