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Learn how samurai did seppuku with this handy diagram

4:00 PM on 04.17.2012

Bob Muir


Have you messed up so bad that only in death can you reclaim your honor? Ever wonder just how to commit seppuku or harakiri? Thanks to an infographic from Tumblr user error88, now you too can engage in ritualistic suicide![Editor's note: Don't be stupid. Don't kill yourself.]

RocketNews24 translated the diagram, which displays four different ways to make the cut. Most people can probably only manage the Belly Line cut, but for those aspiring to be true samurai, then the Belly Cross seems like the most popular. I'm not a fan of the Southern Belly though, it just looks messy.

Little tips like how to hold the blade are included, but I feel like a few things are missing. For those of you playing along at home [Editor's note: Seriously, don't play along at home.], make sure you're using a classy blade instead of a kitchen knife and that you've got a friend to chop off your head if you can't finish the cut. Remember, always use the buddy system!

[Editor's note: Have I made it clear yet that Japanator doesn't want you actually trying this?]

[error88 via RocketNews24]

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