Learn more about Love Plus' FIVE new manga series

6:25 PM on 03.03.2010
Learn more about Love Plus' FIVE new manga series photo

I have to admit I was somewhat confused when Kodansha announced that five new manga series based on Konami's girlfriend-simulator Love Plus would be debuting in various Kodansha-run publications.

I mean, five series?! The game only has three heroines! 

Indeed, the game has only three heroines, and all five series will be concentrated upon them, thanks to some new information. 

As was inferred from the shaded teaser pictures following the announcements, the game's three girls will each get their own series. Manaka Days, Rinko Days and Nene Days will be authored by Akitsu Mikami (of Ten Tori Takaku), Seo Kouji (of Suzuka) and Kugatu Takaaki (a well-known doujin author), respectively.

The fourth series, which I theorized would be about a horrifying conjoined-triplet creature, is apparently about the three girls living together under one roof. It will be titled Girls Talk, and authored by Sakura Tasuke, who's also done Kedama Biyori.

And the fifth series, the silhouette of which featured a girl with long, straight hair? It's not about a new character, but a side story about Rinko (again), titled Her Past. I suppose it'll show us why she got that haircut. It'll be run by Wakiyama Hiroaki, who was responsible for Shuukyuu Shoujo.

If nothing else, the true takeaway from all this new information is that Rinko is apparently the most popular character among Love Plus worshippers.

Learn more about Love Plus' FIVE new manga series photo
Learn more about Love Plus' FIVE new manga series photo

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