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Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger

Let's give a warm dino welcome to Kyoryuger's cast

8:00 AM on 01.04.2013 // Salvador G Rodiles

Fantastic plus Dinosaurs equals Dino-tastic.

By warm dino welcome, I meant that there's a picture of the main actors that are going to play as the five Kyoryugers. First, let's give a loud T-Rex roar to Ryo Ryusei (Umehito Nekozawa from the Ouran High School Host Club drama), who will be playing as Daigo Kiryu aka Kyoryu Red. Next up, we have Shusuke Saito and Kinjo Yamato, as they tap into the herbivore powers of Ian Yorkland aka Kyoryu Black and Nobuharu Udo aka Kyoryu Blue. If Akihisa Shiono's (Ryoichi Mizuhara from the 2012 GTO drama) previous role is one to go by, then he will feel right at home with the raptor-like qualities of Souji Rippukan aka Kyoryu Green. Last on the roll call, Ayuri Konno plans to take on the role of Amy Yuzuki aka Kyoryu Pink -- interesting, she has an English first name. 

If the outfits worn by the main cast are going to be the ones shown in the series, then Koichi Sakamoto's intentions in creating a funner series are fitting in nicely. I also love how they are adding their own little feature by having the first syllables of the main cast's first names spell out DA-I-NO-SO-A, along with the first letters of their last name spelling out KI-YO-U-RI-YU -- double the dinosaur puns. Last time I saw something similar was when Magiranger had parts of the Ozu family's first names spell out the Japanese word for Wizard of Oz. However, I assume that there were other Sentai shows that have done something similar in the past as well. 

Once Kyoryuger airs, I think that 2013 is going to be a good year for Super Sentai, since my Dino Guts are having a good feeling about this one. If you live in Tokyo, the cast will be making their appearance at the Prism Hall on January 26th and 27th for nine stage shows. 

You can also check out the full image of the cast in the section after the jump. 

[via ANN, image via Henshin Justice]

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