Let Them Eat Romance: Rose of Versailles licensed

5:00 PM on 09.18.2012 // Josh Tolentino

Now here's a blast from the past. In a move I definitely did not anticipate (though this probably stems from my cluelessness regarding the genre), Right Stuf has acquired the license to - of all things - Rose of Versailles.

In case you were as ignorant as I was, Ryoko Ikeda's 1972 manga Rose of Versailles is one of the iconic shoujo manga of its time, and pioneered the whole "sparkly sparkly roses" motif so popular in all manner of romantic anime and manga. The story involves one Oscar, a girl raised as a boy and assigned to guard the infamous Marie Antoinette during the French revolution. You can imagine what kinds of passionate escapades could follow this destined pairing. 

Right Stuf's laid claim to the 1979 40-episode anime adaptation of the series, and plans to release it to DVD in 2013. Realizing that not everyone might be hot to cough up cash for a 30-year-old show that isn't Legend of the Galactic Heroes, they also intend to stream it on their Viki anime service through the winter season. Smart move!

In the meantime, they're also inviting fans to ask author Ikeda questions. You can submit yours through November 1st here.

Are you excited? Are sparkling roses blooming in your heart and/or wallet? What questions would you have for Ikeda?

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