License GET: Sentai gets Penguindrum, Ninja Scroll, more

2:00 PM on 09.02.2012

Josh Tolentino

Managing Editor

Animal hats and ancient anime ahoy

As Summer turns to Fall in anime season reckoning, the licensing announcements have begun to roll in, for properties both new and old. For Sentai Filmworks' blast of acquisitions this week, we've got a three-way tie between "really old", "a little bit old", and "quite recent".

The company has picked up Kunihiko Ikuhara's inscrutable comeback anime, Mawaru Penguindrum ("quite recent"), the blood-and-boobs-filled "Japanimation ain't for kids!" classic Ninja Scroll ("really old"), and letter-delivery shonen anime Letter Bee/Tegami Bachi ("a little bit old").

Penguindrum and Ninja Scroll are set for both Blu-ray and DVD releases, while Letter Bee will have to settle just for DVD.

Which of Sentai's new offerings are you most stoked about? I figure a good number will be excited about Peguindrum getting the treatment, but I have to say Ninja Scroll is a real blast from the past.

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