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Licensing Get: Discotek gets a hold of Retro Game Master

5:00 PM on 02.29.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

Sad to hear that the Kacho's journey into conquering retro games has come to an end for the US? Well, Discotek Media has manage to get the rights to release all twelve episodes of Game Center CX aka Retro Game Master that were streamed on Kotaku's Website. 

Now you will get to laugh, rage, and despair as you get to relive the Kacho's experience with the various classics that have made many young children suffer as they had fun getting through each level (Good times.). 

If the first box set manages to sell well, then this might increase the chances of seeing more episode of Game Center appearing in the west. While I have only seen one or two episodes of the series, the Kacho's struggle is very amusing to watch. Even if he is having problems with a certain titles, he manages to put his comedic skills into play as he overcomes each challenge. 

On the other note, I actually know the person who appeared during one of the segments in the USA special episode where the Kacho fights him in Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, since he also went to the same pretend college that I went to. If this episode is included in the DVDs as well, then my friend's fight with the Kacho shall be witnessed on almost every televisions in the US.

[via Crunchyroll]

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