Licsensing GET: Sentai nestles up with Book of Bantorra

3:00 PM on 02.04.2012 // OxKing

The Book of Bantorra (AKA: Armed Librarians) is a Japanese book series that is about using magic, shooting guns, and the power of reading... which admittedly sounds kind of stupid and lame.

The Book of Bantorra (AKA: Armed Librarians) is also an anime adaption of a book series that is about using magic, shooting guns, and the power of reading... which, if the Read or Die adaption is of any indication, is an amazing combination of awesome things, all without the actual need of, you know, reading. It seems Sentai Filmworks knows this, as they managed to pick up the 2009 anime series for an ambiguous DVD release scheduled simply for "later this year".

I really was fascinated with this series back when it was airing a few years back, though I'm not quite sure what to think of it now. I distinctly remember it's as a fairly intelligent series (and definitely more in-depth than my description of it in the paragraph above), though I also remember it more for getting me to ALI Project rather than its mediocre characters and odd pacing. Nonetheless, I couldn't recall to you the actual ending of the series to save my life, so perhaps it's in need for a re-watch from me.

I always was more of a "picture book" kind of child than a "word book" one, anyways.

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