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Lightning Warrior Raidy II now available for preorder

8:00 PM on 03.11.2010 // Karen Mead

Considering how often I say things like "Why must it always be PORN??", I might not seem like the most likely person to be bringing you news about the hentai dungeon-crawler Lightning Warrior Raidy II:Temple of Desire. However, not only do I own the first game, but I've written about it in the past.

Why is this? Well, see, the thing is I love dungeon crawlers. I love dungeon crawlers to a stupidly huge extent. This led my fiance to wonder whether or not I could love ALL dungeon crawlers unconditionally, so I was gifted Lightning Warrior Raidy in order to find out the truth. It turns out that I do NOT love all dungeon crawlers unconditionally, but it wasn't the hentai images in the game that I had a problem with- it was the navigation. The useless map system in the game annoyed me long before the porn had a chance to. Plus, the combat was about as basic as it gets. If you weren't into the ero side of it, there was very little there.

However, if the new game actually has loads of new features and "a brand new map interface" as promised, I will face a dilemma- what if the second LWR is actually a good game? Will I get addicted to it, and then start getting into yuri through osmosis? It makes my life easier when hentai games just suck- then I can simply mock them and move on. This game seems to be in way too much danger of actually being decent under a thick coat of ero-paint.

You can pre-order Lightning Warrior Raidy II:Temple of Desire for $34.95- which is actually cheaper than most translated bishoujo games that I've seen. So at the very least, it has a good price point going for it; we'll just have to see about the rest.

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