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Long running manga reaching the end

12:00 PM on 07.03.2010 // Crystal White

Ever been to a funeral? Well soon you'll be attending one for three major manga titles that have reached their end. But it's okay! I promise that they'll die of old age and go peacefully, and you'll get a conclusion before all is lost. 

So what titles are we losing?

First up is Major, widely regarded to be the baseball manga in Japan. The manga has produced six seasons of anime, and has been running in Shonen Sunday magazine since 1994. Its publisher, Shogakukan has announced that the manga will be ending soon, though it didn't specify when, so there's probably a little time left in the series.

Next is Ouran Host Club, a shojo title that has been running in LaLa magazine since 2003, announced that the manga will be "entering its final arc" so although the title is most definitely coming to an end, like Major, it still has some time left, so get your hands on these final issues while you can!

Last but not least, we've got House of Five Leaves. This title has been running in Ikki magazine for four years, and you know how the other two manga are giving you the chance to adapt to their end? Yeah, Five Leaves isn't. In fact, the very last chapter will run in the magazine next month. The anime for this series is also reaching its conclusion.

How do you feel about this? Are you particularly attached to any titles and will be just dying when they're gone? Are you glad to be rid of them, or have they simply had a good ride and now it's time to go? As much as I hate it when my favorite series come to an end, I have to admit that I prefer it when they go out on a high note rather than drag the whole production around for longer than it should, ruining it by the conclusion.

*Cue bagpipe funeral music.* You know what I'm talking about. 


Crystal White,
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