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Love Hina creator to launch free manga site in January

1:00 PM on 11.17.2010 // Pedro Cortes

Now this is how publishers should go about the icky piracy issue. Ken Akamatsu, the master pervy mangaka behind Love Hina and Mahou Sensei Negima, will be opening a website called J-Comi that will distribute out-of-print manga for free. With the permission of the authors, the mangas will be put up as high-quality PDFs with no DRM and the whole thing will be ad-supported.

The first series that's going up will be Akamatsu's own Love Hina, due to hit the interwebs on November 26th. The site official launches January 10th, 2011. Any further announcements will be made on J-Comi's blog.

This is absolutely genius. If this works out, Akamatsu has found a perfect way to get hard to find manga into the hands of fans for the best price possible. With a free alternative, people in Japan now have no excuse download crappy scans. Even better, it doesn't have invasive DRM to muck up your computer's innards and the handy PDF format means that you should be able to read the manga anywhere you go. I'm hoping it seriously catches on in Japan and some version of J-Comi makes it over here.

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