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Macross Frontier's Sheryl Nome returns to celebrate Macross Anniversary

6:00 PM on 03.06.2017 // Red Veron

Galactic Fairy Returns

Screens in Shinjuku and Akihbara just teased a return by Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier. In a video captured by Twitter user @giantrobo, a "New song" and a "New movie" are teased on March 12 at 14:30 "on screen". Now, these details are a bit vague whether the "New Movie" refers to a new theatrical release announcement or a short video to be shown the same screen the teasers were seen.

The "special video" is part of the 35th anniversary of Macross, Sheryl Nome is from 2008's Macross Frontier voiced by Aya Endou while her singing voice is provided by singer May'n.

Check the tweets and tweet of the video below!

[via ANN and Crunchyroll]


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