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Madoka is over in this week's Advicemaster Asia Open

9:00 PM on 05.02.2011 // Brad Rice

Madoka is over! Osama bin Laden is dead! What other momentous events do you wish to ask Advicemaster Asia about? Our correspondant is back from his "overseas trip" and is ready for your questions.

He prefers questions about botany, garden-cum-sustenance farming and vacation spots. He is not pleased by questions involving assassinations, regime changes or American Idol. He's a fan of The Voice, you see.

Oh, and as you might have heard, I've betrayed the cause by watching and obsessing over True Blood. Two questions for you: am I the only guy that watches True Blood that isn't all goth-y and whatnot? What anime can bring me back into the side of light and 2-D?

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