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Madoka Magica's movie TV spot looks like a clip show

2:00 PM on 08.28.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

I am going to have to be perfectly honest with everyone on here, I have the least amount of instrest in checking out the two upcoming Madoka Magica films. Judging from today's TV ads, everything shown in this trailer is stuff that we have already seen before. However, we are treated to the new song by ClariS, along with Kalafina's ending theme that was used in the original series. 

Before you decide to make me go through a suffering worse than becoming a magical girl, I am still curious about the original third film that is in the works. In my honest opinion, that is going to be the one worth looking forward to. But then again, this is Shaft, so they might prove me wrong when the two movies arrive on October 6 and October 13. 

So to all of you Madoka fans out there, are any of you going to watch the first two movies, or are you going to wait for the third film instead. 

[via ANN]

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