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Make a note in your diaries, Mirai Nikki to be redialled

8:00 AM on 12.23.2012

Chris Walden

Associate Editor

I apologise in advance.

Remember that little message that appeared at the end of Mirai Nikki? Well, it seems we finally have something new that involves those nifty future-telling diaries, as we are due an OVA at the end of July 2013. It comes with a volume of manga known as Mirai Nikki Redial, as well as some nice little illustrations and a fancy box to store it all in. 

Interestingly, it doesn't seem that the Redial project is purely based on Sakae Esuno's manga. Katsuhiko Takayama, who worked on the original anime series as a scriptwriter, has written the original scenario. It seems that this is going to be a continuation, but whether the whole thing will be wrapped up in a single OVA episode, or whether it bridges the first season to an unannounced second, it's hard to tell. Time to wait until July, I think!

But yes, it does seem a little odd that this would be the hyped 'project' that we heard about, so I kind of want to say that this isn't all we're going to see. At least, I'm hoping for more than an OVA! But what about you guys? Are you happy with how the original show ended?

[via ANN]

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