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The [email protected]: One for All

Man arrested for using his Idolmaster credit card

1:00 PM on 12.03.2013 // Josh Tolentino

They weren't LADY for [email protected]' jelly

Ah, the credit card. For better or worse, it's practically essential to modern living, especially in the developed world. And with that ubiquity comes the natural tendency for less-than-savory types to try and get away with all manner of nefarious fakery. But unfortunately, the only offense one Japanese traveler committed in America was that of being a hardcore [email protected] fan.

According to his tweets, the Los Angeles police did not take kindly to the traveler's use of a totally legitimate [email protected]-themed credit card, issued by his bank at home. Apparently, staff at a business he attempted to pay for something with the card at, were confused by the the gaggle of anime girls on the traveler's card, and thought it was some kind of forgery, prompting them to call the police. The traveler was arrested, though things were eventually cleared up with the help of the Japanese consulate.

Aside from the possible sin of having a rather tacky credit card design, it's hard to see how the tourist did anything wrong. If anything, it's the store's staff and the LAPD that look even less credible, considering that customized credit cards are actually quite common in the US. Even the likes of anime-themed cards are hardly unheard of. Heck, Capcom was selling its own Street Fighter Visas not too long ago.

Oh well, I guess we can just chalk this up to an unfortunate misunderstanding, and perhaps for future travelers, a lesson in not being obvious in their fandom.

Check out a strangely relevant video clip below!

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