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Maximum rejoice! Say hello to the new Weekly Shonen Jump

7:00 PM on 01.21.2013 // Salvador G Rodiles

May the synchronization begin.

The time to celebrate has now come, because the first issue of the new and improved Weekly Shonen Jump  is now available for many to read. Other than releasing your favorite Weekly Jump stories on the same day as Japan, Weekly Shonen Jump is adding One-Punch Man, a manga about an average bald hero that beats evil with one punch! If are still into playing Yu-Gi-Oh, members are getting some new Yu-Gi-Oh promo cards mailed in, with Number 88: Gimmick Puppet of Leo being the first card to be released this year. 

Perhaps the greatest thing about Shonen Jump's new evolution is that your issues from your Manga Queue will never expire, which means that you can go back to any chapter that has existed in your arsenal. And yes, this also includes the issues that have already expired in your queue. In a way, think of it as an ultimate resurrection spell that was used on your Manga Queue by Viz. 

It's safe to say that Viz has given their readers a glorious gift, and things are mostly likely going to get even better. Depending how things play out, I think that Viz's new features will catch the eyes of many new readers. Heck, if it wasn't for my obsession with physical reading materials, I would join in a heartbeat. 

If you are interested in learning more about One-Punch Man, you can check out Irothtin's segment about the manga at The GLORIO Blog. 

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