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McDonald's Japan's Miami Burger is gross, but I like it

4:33 AM on 02.14.2011 // Dale North

I wasn't expecting much when I strolled into a Shibuya area McDonald's today to try their new Miami Burger. This sandwich, the next in their line of Big America burgers, features a few strange additions to the typical hamburger formula. Most notably, the sandwich features tortilla chips and a topping of what they call taco meat in their print and television advertising. I can tell you right now it's not taco meat.

As you'll see in my video below, the meat topping doesn't look very appetizing. I guessed the first bite would have me Ran-Ran-Ruu-ing for the first bathroom I could find. Thankfully the first bite was pretty a junky kind of way. Your top teeth will push through the meat and get the tortilla chip crunch, which is fun. Immediately after that, you taste the topping. It's nothing like taco meat, thankfully. The topping is closer to Sloppy Joe meat than anything else, and it makes for a good flavor combination with the meat, ketchup, lettuce and the spiced bun.

I surprised myself by finishing the whole sandwich! There's absolutely nothing spicy about it. There's nothing "taco" about it either. Hell, there's nothing Miami about this sandwich, but if you're looking for a junky, interesting lunch, this sandwich isn't half bad.

And if you're wondering if the Japanese people are eating these burgers...well, it sure seems like they are. Every male in line before me ordered one. Just about every male in the dining room of this McDonald's had ordered one, and some of the females were trying to be discreet about their desire to taste Miami. I don't know if they liked it, but at least people were trying it.

Verdict: I'm...liking it?

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