Media Blasters will not rerelease Record of Lodoss War

10:00 AM on 03.15.2012
Media Blasters will not rerelease Record of Lodoss War photo

Back in 2010, there was much rejoicing when Media Blasters announced that they had acquired the license for a rerelease of Record of Lodoss War. And then, there was a whole lot of nothing. It's been two years and the rerelease still isn't on shelves. In light of Media Blasters suspending the release of Bakuman Issue 2 and Ikki Tousen Great Guardians, one fan took to Facebook to find out the fate of the classic 1990 OVA and the not-quite-as-classic 1998 TV sequel.

Sadly, the Media Blasters Facebook handler stated "We will not be releasing it." So if you were hoping to grab a new version of Lodoss, you'll have to settle for tracking down an out-of-print version from Central Park Media. Maybe this is related to Media Blasters cutting a bunch of its staff or transitioning them to freelance workers?

But on the "plus" side, there's good news for Queen's Blade fans! When asked if Media Blasters had plans for Queen's Blade Rebellion, the Facebook claimed "we will db all of qb now..." and indicated a release as soon as this year was possible. So even if you're not getting a classic fantasy anime, don't worry, you're still getting your almost-porn! Doesn't that make you feel better? No? Yeah, me neither.

[Via The Fandom Post]

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