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Meet Tomoko Miyake, the anti-idol

12:22 AM on 02.05.2008 // God Len

There is nothing sexier than a girl posing on a bed of Wendy’s hamburgers. Say hello to Tomoko Miyake, Japan’s newest gravure idol making her debut in the March issue of Sabra. Now for those of you who don’t know, a gravure idol is nothing more than an idol that poses in sexy swimsuits and the like but doesn’t pose nude.

Before a gravure idol, Tomoko was a food idol. Not an idol that poses with food, but an idol that eats a lot of food. If you don’t believe me take a look at the video after the jump. Here she shows us that she can easily put down ten pounds of ramen in one sitting. Ten pounds! That is about a week’s worth of calories; and afterwards, she wanted ice cream!

This idol is the anti-idol spoken of in the book of Revelations. An idol that can eat more than any man and still looks great. Tomoko Miyake, you have won over my heart and my stomach.

[Via Japan Probe]

God Len,
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