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Miku's Domino's tie-in made more legit by a foreigner

12:00 PM on 03.14.2013

Josh Tolentino

Managing Editor

Not just a foreigner, THE foreigner

Here's a rule of thumb for Japanese advertising: Anything's more legit if you have a foreigner - particularly a westerner - endorse it. Just as a British accent adds more dignity to any American commercial, having a westerner promote your new thing can make it more worldly, no matter how nerdy it is. And oh, is this thing nerdy!

You've likely seen the above video making the rounds of the internet this week, promoting Domino's Pizza's tie-in with Hatsune Miku. Following the rule, a suited American fellow adds some much-desired legitimacy to the new Miku-themed Augmented Reality app, which reads specially marked pizza boxes to display a sweet concert and original song composed by Domino's staff.

The kicker here is that the dude trying manfully to make sense of his script isn't just any tourist off the street. He's Scott Oelkers, the actual President of Domino's Pizza Japan. Now that's legit!

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