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Miku's Tell Your World shows up in English on iTunes

4:00 PM on 03.13.2013 // Hiroko Yamamura

Prepare to download

Isn't it crazy how far things have come in such a short period of time? I remember how hard it used to be to import any kid of Japanese music. Expensive imports on top of already expensive CDs was the way. Soon after that I had began buying Japanese iTunes cards to use online.

Nowadays many major J-Pop albums are available in the US iTunes store, even Vocaloid favorites. Today an English version of livetune's Hatsune Miku track, Tell Your World has gone up! Talk about progress! The track is due to be released next week, but there is a preview available via iTunes now.

The worlds are a bit hard to understand, and I think this is using the upcoming English Hatsune Miku software, which was announced at SXSW this week. I think I'll have to start making some music again soon!

[Via Aramatheydidnt]

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