Moe Yoda, I have become

11:00 AM on 11.25.2009
Moe Yoda, I have become photo

*please read aloud this blog in Yoda voice*

Mmm, yes. Yes. Truly moe, this version of myself is. Taken all of my serious out, Japan has. Moe is the path to the darkside.

USB Force, you will be connecting me by, and cheeks will light up they will, yes. Mmmh. Clip me on your monitor, you will. Lights up, my saber does, when button commands you press, yes. Angry about my moe face, I am not. Such is the way of things in Japan, mmm?

A wallet buster, I sense. The cost is strong with this one. A whopping 5,580 yen I will cost

A (broke) Jedi craves not these things.

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Moe Yoda, I have become photo
Moe Yoda, I have become photo
Moe Yoda, I have become photo

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