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Morbid moe off the mortal coil with Zombie Maid cafe

6:00 PM on 06.17.2010 // Josh Tolentino

Otaku are often criticized for preferring 2D characters that aren't alive to 3D disgusting pig, but this attempt to bring 3D to the appeal of 2D perfection seems to have taken the "lifeless" assertion a little too literally.

The maid cafe "Schatz Kiste" (German for "Treasure Chest") unveiled its new special theme: zombies. Called "Maid of the Dead", all the cafe's maid staff took a trip off the mortal coil, serving customers special "blood and flesh" finger foods and "brain and eyeball" entrees. Tasty.

I have to say that cosplay's pretty good at looking hideous. Hit the jump for a promotional video, though nothing interesting happens unless you skip forward to about 5 minutes in.

And when you're done feasting on brains, perhaps some Zombie Meat for dessert?

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