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More goodies and videos invade Pokemon Black and White 2

5:00 PM on 04.21.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

To be more precise, there are not that many new additions to the next trailer of the upcoming Pokémon game. However, there was a scene where you encounter a mecha Tyranitar, which might be part of one of the new features in the game -- I bet it has to do with getting involved in your own TV show. 

The new bit of information is that there is going to be an app for the 3DS that allows you to capture various Pokémon in real life in the form of an AR shooting game. How is this connected to the new Pokémon game? Well, it turns out that you can transfer the Pokémon that you capture from the app into Pokémon Black and White Version 2

Next up in the agenda, Nintendo is finally releasing a new version of the Pokédex 3D, which will include the Pokémon from the previous generations. The Pokémon AR Searcher will be priced at ¥300, and the the new Pokédex 3D will cost you around ¥1,500. Lets keep in mind that this only applies to Japan, and that the prices might be different for the western release. Or better yet, maybe we will get them free of charge, since the first Pokédex 3D was free. 

Until more wild information appears, make sure to throw a Pokéball at the video and images below. 

[via Andriasang]

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