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More 'real Japanese games' coming to the U.S.

11:00 AM on 06.03.2010 // Crystal White

According to Gamasutra, former Hudson Entertainment CEO, John Greiner has announced that he has founded the gaming company MonkeyPaw Games. Why does this interest you? Well, he claims that his company will bring over "real Japanese games." You know, the type that don't make it over because we just can't relate to it culturally.

Greiner has further remarked that his company will be making a major announcement at E3 for those who really care about Japanese games. I hope he does well. After all, Greiner used to work at Hudson Soft and then Hudson Entertainment and not only helped launch the Turbografx-16 in the States but also helped bring over such Japanese hits as Bomberman.

I like to think that I'm a member of that whole "global village" thing and could handle some particularly unique Japanese games, whether or not I'm culturally aware of every small detail in the game.  I could be interested in getting more authentic Japanese games over here, especially if they're into bringing back more retro games like the article hints at. My only question would be how they plan to distribute them, whether through PSN, Xbox Live, or through physical copies. I'm kinda hoping for downloads, only because I think physical copies of retro games just wouldn't be able to get enough attention to have a life of their own, especially in today's next-gen world.

You hear that, Greiner? My PS3 demands more Japanese games, so get that ish over to the PSN now!

Crystal White,
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