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More swords clash in second live action Kenshin trailer

5:00 PM on 03.07.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

As great as the visuals in this movie look so far, I am still a bit worried about how they are going to handle the story. Last time, we got to see a good majority of the cast and scenes for the film, which is a good amount of content that they have to work with. The newest trailer shown on ZIP! (A Japanese television morning show.) is mostly an extension of the first with a couple new fight scenes added in.

Fans of the anime and manga will be able to recognize each of these major scenes, which are looking to be pretty good so far. If the team does a good job with the content, then the film might be able to capture the essence of Kenshin's story. Kind of like how the Scott Pilgrim movie manage to do its own take on the original six graphic novels while utilizing the key elements that made the books great. If not, then the movie could just be an excuse to relive some of the early battles in movie quality visuals.

Personally, I think Takeru Sato will do an amazing job in capturing Kenshin's light-hearted side, because of his experience in playing as the main character of Kamen Rider Den-O. I heard that Deno-O's comedy was golden, so Takeru fits in perfectly with the movie. The team would have to be out of their minds to not take advantage of this actor's previous experience, which still gives us hope on the story and character interactions outside of the major conflicts.

It is still too early to judge on the film's plot, but we have until August 25th to figure out the direction that they are going with. 

Check out the trailer below the jump to see if this movie is worth wandering into.

[via ANN]

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